Welcome to Rebel Fitness Equipment!

Our company is committed to taking fitness equipment to the next level. We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom made exercise and fitness equipment that meets the specific needs of each of our customers. Our experience and dedication give us the right skills to design fitness equipment that is personalized to the specific requirements for high school and college athletes, professional athletes, cross fit athletes, and those with physical disabilities.

Our on-staff expert designers and manufacturers trained and qualified to assist our customers with all of their fitness equipment needs.

Here at Rebel Fitness Equipment, there are no orders too big or small for our team to handle. We put in the same level of energy into creating one piece of fitness equipment as we do when building an entire gym for our customers.

Whether you want to work on building strength and endurance tailored for a specific sport or you want to build muscle tone that is all too often lost due to a physical disability, contact Rebel Fitness Equipment to see what fitness equipment options await you. Our friendly and helpful customer care experts are waiting to provide assistance you can trust.